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In the hyper-active freight brokerage space, we are hyper-focused on SERVICE!  We take the challenge of delivering exceptional service every time very seriously. We know that we must prove what makes us different through our words and our actions - giving proactive and accurate communication; acting with integrity; responding respectfully; thinking innovatively; and being financially responsible. 

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Freight Scouts is the freight brokerage division of PBD Worldwide, a leading third party logistics provider operating a worldwide footprint of logistics centers that make 2-day ground delivery to almost anywhere in the US a reality. 

Freight Scouts delivers exceptional freight solutions for our shipping partners in the areas of Full Truckload, Less-than-Truckload (LTL), International, Intermodal and Specialized Freight Solutions 

The services offered by Freight Scouts add value to PBD's package of warehousing and fulfillment solutions and also stand alone to provide unmatched value and transportation savings for Freight Scouts' shipping partners.  

Industries We Serve

The 3PL Industry exists to connect suppliers and consumers and solve complexities along the way. If it were always easy, then shippers wouldn't need 3PLs. We have earned our stripes in a variety of industries by differentiating on service, investing in people and technology, and building strong customer relationships. 


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