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Who We Are

Let's be honest.  If Logistics was as easy as "Point A to Point B", the third party logistics industry would not exist at the level it does today.  3PLs are vital intermediaries that keep the flow of goods, information, and funds thriving throughout North America and the rest of the world.   

At Freight Scouts, we take our role as a 3PL very seriously. After all, we are a division of a warehousing and fulfillment powerhouse, PBD Worldwide, who lives and breathes service. Freight Scouts was created in 2016 as a wholly-owned division of PBD with the goal of expanding and enhancing the freight solutions offered by PBD to its clients. And since then, PBD clients and many others have grown to appreciate a higher level of service than they can get on their own or from other 3PLs.  We earn our keep by treating every interaction with care and anticipating issues before they become problems; keeping our word and keeping things simple; and handling the behind-the-scenes legwork so that our shipping partners can focus on their own business objectives.   

We are committed to excellence and to exceeding the expectation of our clients and their customers.

Recognition Awards Updated 2020


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